Our mission


  • To strive for pet parents to know what a specialist is and how they can compliment the fantastic work of their primary vet.
  • To help veterinarians continue to grow their knowledge base as many new discoveries, tests and treatments come about.


  • To hold the hand of pet parents as they walk through treatment successes, frustrations and failures with their pets.
  • To encourage veterinarians to reach out for help when they need to provide the pet parent more time, communication, diagnostics and treatments for the pet.


  • To shower the pet parents and their pets with love and understanding despite the circumstances.
  • To lend kindness and humanity, not judgement, to veterinarians as they may struggle with daily road blocks.


  • To give confidence to the pet parent that we will always be their for them and their pet.
  • To create community between veterinarians and their specialists to benefit everyone involved: the vet, the specialist, the pet parent, and the pet.